FullSizeRenderJose Graziano da Silva, Director-General of the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization, addressed the APPG on 27 November 2017, calling for another Green Revolution - but not like the one of the past.

"That model is exhausted," he told assembled Parliamentarians and members of the public.

"We need to replace it with a friendlier approach - one that is less environmentally damaging, and based on knowledge rather than intensive use of inputs."

Graziano da Silva pointed out that hunger still persists, with 815 million going hungry every day in spite of increases in production. Overall, there's already enough food in the world to feed us all, he said, but the problem is access at the bottom of the pyramid.

"More than half of those 815 million are subsistence farmers who can't produce enough. Meawhile, another two billion people are overweight."

The Director-General told the APPG that FAO's main focus now is on areas of conflict and climate change. That's where we're "losing the game", he said, because it's where the poorest people are concentrated and facing the greatest obstacles.

For further details on the Director-General's talk, see this article published by FAO.