IMG 6232The CEO of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research - Prof. Andrew Campbell - addressed the APPG on 15 May 2018, with a speech titled "The converging insecurities of climate, food, water and energy: how to grow and share sufficient, healthy food more sustainably?"

Prof. Campbell outlined aspects of ACIAR's new strategy, including the decision to allocate 20% of its budget to longer-term projects, lasting at least 10-15 years.

"I asked colleagues about the best project they'd been associated with," said Campbell.

"And there was a high degree of commonality in their answers. The best projects had a clear understanding of the problem, had the right people around the table, were well led, and had sufficient time and resources to make a difference to the problem. They also left behind sufficient capability to keep the work up, and ensure scale. 

"With the need to look at nutrition - not just yield - and the need to get serious about gender, we need to go further down the value chain, and involve the private sector. It's multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary work. Building social capital in these collaborations takes several years, and moving from formation to implementation takes years, and scaling up takes years. So unless you think in decades, you're doomed to failure."

More information on ACIAR's new 10-year strategy can be found here.