On 25 June 2019 the APPG held the second in a series of discussions convened by the APPG with DFID’s Agriculture & Land Team offering Parliamentarians and other invited participants an opportunity to contribute to the development ofDFID’s thinking on specific issues.

DFID has been leading the world on nutrition. DFID has also made strong commitments to drive agricultural transformation by linking smallholders sustainably to markets and improving their incomes and livelihoods. While there are success stories, it is still challenging to link nutrition and health goals to agricultural livelihoods and agri-business investments. There is now a growing body of evidence and case studies from programmes that demonstrate what does (and does not) work.

This private roundtable meeting provided a snapshot of how far DFID has come in getting more nutrition out of agriculture. It presented examples of good practice, highlighted the challenges and discussed options for next steps.

Parliamentarians attending: Lord Cameron; Lord Collins; Baroness Northover; Jeremy Lefroy MP