This meeting on 28 November 2019 was the first of a series of private roundtables convened by the APPG with DFID’s Agriculture Team, offering Parliamentarians and other invited participants an opportunity to contribute to the development of DFID’s thinking on specific issues.

Effective land governance is essential in driving inclusive and sustainable economic growth in developing countries. Without secure land rights, smallholder farmers, communities and investors cannot use land effectively to drive growth. DFID’s flagship land programme LEGEND (Land Governance for Economic Development) supports local, national and global initiatives to promote responsible land-based investments and strengthen the tenure security of poor men and women. DFID is also planning new work on strengthening land governance, with a focus on unlocking larger-scale land reform in priority countries.

Political sensitivities around land tenure reform, and popular perception that land reform requires work at significant scale, often dis-incentivise action. Mainstreaming responsible land tenure into frameworks used to deliver Inclusive Business may be one way to gain more backing for increased work on land governance. Increasing the data and messaging top investors and governments about the economic impact of weak land governance may be another. The session offered an opportunity to contribute to the debate.