Nitish KumarOver the past year the All-Party Parliamentary Group has been convening meetings on the topic of "Home-Grown Nutrition", a series which looks to address how smallholder farmers can be supported to grow more nutritious food, thus having beneficial impacts on their health and the health of their families

The APPG now wishes to conduct some field studies which look to give practical examples of where investments in agriculture have had impacts on improved nutrition – the focus country is India and specifically the State of Bihar where around 80 percent of the population are totally dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. Reports suggest that investment in agricultural development in Bihar have improved in recent times with the state now promoting value-added and processed agriculture to benefit farmers.

mushroom growers

The main purpose of the visit, as well as meeting with Ministers and officials, was to meet with smallholder farmers, health workers, and local leaders, visiting their farms, clinics and programme centres to get a clear picture of their particular needs and requirements – with a specific focus on the role of women in this area and their importance to achieving food and nutrition security.

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